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Are you feeling stuck? 

Do you want to make it to the next level? 

Do you feel like you are on an island by yourself in your business? 

Did you get feedback you need to do something different to be a strong leader?

Do you need someone you can trust to have real conversations about your work/career?


A Woman with Heart was created to help people just like you.  My passion is to partner with you achieve your goals and help you thrive in your career.  

My services include executive coaching, career coaching, group coaching, facilitation and speaking engagements.  


This is me

I founded A Woman with Heart Consulting, LLC after 23 years as an executive with a Fortune 500 company.

Expertise in sales, merchandising, product management and operations gives me the unique experiences of leading cross functional teams, developing strategic visions and delivering on executional imperatives.

Most notable professional achievements include

  • Growing revenue to $2 billion with a leading retailer

  • Owning a product launch worth $150M investment  

  • Leading a team of over 150 customer service representatives.

I've found my passion in working with people to achieve their personal and professional goals. This passion is why I spent my time in corporate America. 

  • Leading teams

  • Developing talent

  • Helping leaders achieve their goals and exceed their business' expectations. 

  • Chairing affinity groups

  • Hosting individual and group coaching sessions  

  • Leading the Inclusion & Diversity efforts ​

Additionally, I host a podcast that explores challenges career women face with the goal of helping her thrive by learning from other women.  After over two decades as one of the few women in leadership, I wanted to create a community that is dedicated to helping diverse employees rise up.  

 I was on the board of a nonprofit organization for 6 years and continue to volunteer often.  

I am a stepmom, Army wife, dog mom, and a woman who loves pilates, food, traveling and getting involved in my community.  I am an open book and believe that sharing experiences with one another is what helps us all move forward. 

Executive Coach, Career Coach, Team Facilitation, Professional Development, Speaker Series, Podcast Host, Business Consultant


Coaching to Growth

AWWH Consulting is a female focused Executive Presence and Business Leadership Coaching Practice. We are experts at moving women forward, forward in their careers, in their companies and towards their goals.

Our coaching philosophy centers on the essential combination of leadership skills, including soft and hard skills, that propel leaders forward.  We coach females in the C-suite, mid-level managers, and high-potentials to successfully combine these skills to achieve strong results, build high performing teams, make good decisions, be visible and be promotable.  Our coaching intention is to arm our clients with the tools and behaviors that will enable their success long into their careers.  

We focus on Personality, Emotional Intelligence and Style as the essential components of executive presence to help our clients....  

→ Enhance Superior Performance
We support clients to identify obstacles impeding them from being the most effective leader they want to be.  We work together to uncover these barriers and update behaviors and beliefs to move closer to professional goals.  

 → Boost Emotional Intelligence
Before a leader can most effectively build high performing teams, develop talent and inspire, they must be self-aware.  Building a foundation based on self-knowledge is the first step in exceptional leadership. 

→ Influence and Inspire
As leaders progress in their careers, leading with influence and inspiration are key.  Building relationships, developing rapport and appreciating the psychological factors of talent differentiate the best leaders. 

→ Augment Situational Awareness and Flexibility
Today’s professional environment demands the ability to focus and make decisions without clear direction.  Being flexible and decisive are essential.  

→ Reinforce Communication Effectiveness
Communication is powerful and often overlooked.  Building partnerships, establishing connections and having conversations are cornerstone in moving teams forward to perform.

Britany, KY

“Julie takes a personal approach to coaching that allowed me to tap into my feelings about issues we were working through together.  She is truly a woman with heart.”

Consulting Services


We customize content to provide training and development to your teams.  Our span is entry level to your most experienced groups.  


Professional Development

Advisory Services 

We can partner with you on how to take next steps in growing your business.  With over two decades in the business world, I have broad experience to help you scale and solve your challenges.


Project Management

Do you have too much work and not enough people?  I can help.  With an expertise in sales, project management, merchandising and operations, I can scale into numerous areas to help you get things done.  

Julie Picture.jpg

Speaker Engagements

As one of the only executive women in my business function for years, I am able to honestly discuss the challenges women face and the best ways to thrive through them.  Organizations hire me to talk to their Women's group and leadership who is focused on relating to their diverse employees.

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Julie's podcast is dedicated to women in the workforce.  It's a place to help each other openly discuss and solve problems so we can thrive through them together. Because this is my business website, I am not putting the name since it's naughty!  #Thrivingthruthe (Bleep)

Clients &

Our clients are Everything!   

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Diego, CA

“Julie was instrumental in helping us understand the Retailers’ industry and helping us navigate through the complex dynamics of major players. We look forward to continuing working with her in the future"

Angie, KY

"Julie led a series of leadership trainings for my company.  It has been a game changer to get my team aligned with the same growth mindset.  I highly recommend Julie.  Her expertise, business acumen, authenticity and entertaining delivery is an added benefit to any growing organization"

Janey, OH

“Julie has been a coach to me for a number of years.  She listens, is optimistic and pragmatic.  Her sound advice has been helpful with career changes, working through challenges and growing my teams.  I highly recommend Julie for your business or personal coaching needs.  

Let's Talk


For a free consultation, fill out this form and I will be in touch with you within 1 business day.  I look forward to talking with you.    

Julie Muennich


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